Day ticket/own vehicle Mon-Fri

75.00 sh KM

You can drive your own vehicle, wheather its a car or motorcycle, always when the track is not privately booked. The day is devided into 30-minutes sessions for cars and mororcycles.

Terms and conditions

Track regulation

Noise regulation

Hour and day tickets are valid only on repective day and time when purchased, and will not be refunded if not used.

  • This day ticket is valid from Monday till Friday. At National Holidays weekend prizes will apply.
  • All prises include VAT 20%.
  • Track operator remanins the right to change the prices without prior notification.
  • Voucher is valid one year since buying.
  • Please note that driving is seasonal (spring till autumn).
  • NB! It is not possible to write in Russian alphabet!

Voucher Image

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