Porsche 718 Boxter GTS "3 laps"

110.00 sh KM

Have you ever imagined yourself driving a supercar? 

Now you can try our Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 on the best race track in the Nordics with the instructions and help of the driving instructor. Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 is the most powerful Boxster and has 4.0l, 400hp engine, accelerating 0-100km/h 4,5 seconds. During the driving experience the client will drive 3 or 5 laps with the driving instructor on a passenger seat. The service can be bought also as a taxi service where the client can enjoy fast laps made by our driving instructor.


Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0

Production year 2024

Engine capacity 4,0 l H6

Power 400hj (294kw)

Torque 420 Nm

Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4,5 sec

Curb weight 1405 kg

Max speed 293 km/h


PDK automatic gearbox

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Terms and conditions

  • Driving period is seasonal, from May till the end of September. No driving in rain or if the track is wet.
  • Booking: +372 58 666 636 or kontakt@porschering.ee
  • Service provider has the right to make changes in the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Sõitja peab omama kehtivat B-kategooria juhiluba.
  • The driver has to sign terms and conditions and Track regulation
  • Sõidu broneeringu aeg on indikatiivne, kuivõrd sõitmine toimub ringrajal 30-minutiliste sessioonide kaupa eraldi autodele ja mootorratastele, millest tulenevalt võib teie broneeringuaeg nihkuda hilisemaks.
  • Voucher is valid one year since buying.
  • Kinkekaart saabub sinu e-mailile kohe peale pangalingi kaudu tasumist ning on prinditaval kujul.
  • NB! It is not possible to write in Russian alphabet !

Rental price includes:

  • using the car
  • track ticket
  • instruction
  • all expendable materials
  • 3-ringiline sõiduelamus sisaldab ühte soojendusringi, ühte kiiret ringi ja ühte jahutusringi.


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