Porsche Ringi 1h kardisõit 20.10.2023- VÄLJA MÜÜDUD

100.00 sh KM

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Porsche Ringi 1h kardisõit

– Date 20.10.23;
– Time of start 1700;
– Max number of participants 10;
– Lenght of the race 1h;
– Number of drivers per team 1;
– Practice – unlimited time before the event and on the day of event. Every 10 min practice session additional €20;
– Qualification – unlimited number of sessions on the race day from 1500-1630. Starting grid will be formed by the best laptime of participants during the previous sessions. Every 10min session additional €20. I a participant does not make any qualification session the starting position will be decided randomly at the end of the grid behind the participants who have the result from qualification;
– Ballast weights:
Weight of the driver (kg) Ballast (kg)
Up to 69,99                         20
70 to 74,99                          15
75 to 79,99                          10
80 to 84,99                           5
over 85                                 0


Link to Sodi World Series info.

Sodi World Series video presentation.

Event Details

Date: 2022-07-23

Start time: 10:00

End time: 22:30

Venue: Porsche Ring

Email: info@porschering.ee